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Chapter 7 -- Synthesizing an Ecosystem Restoration Strategy (continued)

Characteristics of Holistic Decision-Making

In order to accomplish the demanding task of integrating economic and social goals while maintaining environmental quality, we need the best possible tools. The following principles and methods are intended to overcome the limitations of conventional decision-making (Savory 1988, Rakha personal communication 1995, Lee 1993):

  • A long-term value-based vision is articulated.
  • Goal-setting processes include all people interested in the outcomes of management.
  • Any tool may be utilized but only if it is compatible with the long term social, economic, and ecological concerns.
  • All strategies are treated with skepticism and are monitored for the first signs of unanticipated results.
  • All research, management, and monitoring activities are conceived and implemented with the aim of accumulating and testing knowledge.


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