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This is It!

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  This is It

This is it.
Enjoy this moment.
Love your babe.
Love everyone.
Love the world.
Love yourself.
Yourself and the world are one and the same.

This is it.
Tell the truth.
Let go of anger.
Love all beings, all people, each and every one.
People are irrational, self-centered, and drive like idiots.
Love them anyway.

This is it.
This is the human adventure.
God and life and everything wondrous, it's all here now.
It's not going to start later, when your problems are solved.
Perfection and salvation are here right now for the taking.
This perfection is so wide, it contains all imperfections.
This perfection is who you really are.
And you will forget who you really are.
And that's OK.

This is it.
Go for the Big One.
All limitations are self-imposed.
Give the world your heart and soul and all you've got.
Even if you give your heart and soul, they may walk on you and hurt you.
Give your your heart and soul anyway.
At any moment, everything we love and hold dear may be taken away.
And that's OK.
Everything is OK, has always been OK, and will always be OK.
Your savior is with you always.
There never was a time when this was not so.

-- Hacked from the words of Mother Teresa, Neem Karoli Baba, Nisargadata Maharaj, Mata Amritanandamayi, Byron Katie, a Grateful Dead newsletter from the '70s, and a Navajo lullaby.

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